2019 Washington State Motocross Championship


  • Race Day Entry Fees:

    Admission Fee:   $10.00 per day

           Camping:   $15.00 per night

           Race Entry Fee:   $35.00 per class



-CASH only for entrance at the gate AND race entry fees. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS or CREDIT CARDS. If you have never raced, please let us know and we will help with any questions you may have. We encourage everyone to walk the track. For events that are 2 days, if you arrive the first day, you must pay for Wristbands for both days. If you do not attend the second day, you can get a refund before you leave. AMA annual membership is NOT required. Minors not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians must have a notarized note for each race they attend giving permission to the adult they are with to sign the minor up to race for the event being held that day. The adult designated must accompany the minor to sign-up. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. See You At The Races!!!