Take an in depth look at all the tracks in the series. We travel to the best racetracks in Washington!


Olympic Penninsula Motocross Club “OPMC”

1306 Deer Park Road

Port Angeles, Washington


The track has a bunch of natural elevation change with a fun wide open step up on the back hill. This track has great viewing for spectators with easy access through the many tunnels that go underneath the massive jumps. The dirt here does amazing in wet weather. The track has dark loamy dirt that ruts up nicely. The jumps vary from doubles to step ups and tabletops. The start is uphill and wide open!

Riverdale Raceway

7255 Spirit Lake Highway

Toutle, WA 98649


This place is known for their sandy volcanic ash dirt from Mt. Saint Helen’s that does really well in wet weather. The layout is fast with sweeping corners and large berms. The jumps are mostly tabletops of all sizes. This is one of the only tracks on the West side of the mountains that runs year round. The scenery of the surrounding mountains and river makes this a unique track to visit.


Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex “HRMC”

3323 Twin Bridges Road

Richland, WA 99354


High speed and deep sand make this a series favorite. Be ready to gear your bike for 5th gear pinned straightaways! The long sweeping turns change throughout the day to keep you on your toes. Carry your speed to clear the massive tabletops found all over the track. There is a good rhythm section right before the finish for last lap passes. Also, one of the few tracks in the northwest to have a cement starting gate so bring a broom to sweep your gate.

Ward Creek MX

66 Ward Creek Road

Raymond, WA 98577


Ward Creek is known for some drastic elevation change. The hill before is the finish line is the steepest hill in all of the Northwest. The dirt is loamy and ruts up nice in the turns. All skill levels and bike sizes will have a good time here as the jumps are nice and smooth built out of the hillsides.

Washougal Motocross Park

40205 NE Borin Road

Washougal, WA 98671


Washington’s one and only National Motocross track! This mostly natural track is one of the most scenic tracks in the United States. It starts out ripped up deep and loamy in the morning and becomes somewhat slick in the afternoon due to the clay based dirt. One of the few tracks to feature a true whoop section these days. This is your chance to race on the same track as the top National Pro’s. How do your lap times compare to theirs?