How to Qualify for Series Awards and the Series Championship


ALL racers that race 5 out of 6 races will qualify for the Washington State Motocross Championship series end awards and trophies.


Gain points at every round of the series and get in the title points chase towards the championship!  




Please choose your classes carefully when starting the series.

Can move D to C, C to B, B to A, within the same class (like 250, or 450, etc) and can take ½ points with you.  


Series qualification – Move up no later than after the 4th race of the series to take ½ series points with you.  If you choose to move up after the 4th race, no points earned after the 4th race can move with you. 



ALL tracks require parents to sign a minor release form and be present during the event.  If the parent will not be present during the event, we MUST have a NOTARIZED letter from the parent giving another adult permission to sign them up. 

  • Race Rules

    Standard MX rules apply, all protective equipment must be worn, no jumping on a yellow flag

    Specific Rules which changed in 2013, as approved by promoter voting and our referee:

    1) you do not have to ride the same bike in moto 2 as you did in moto 1, as long as the bike is legal in the class, you can ride a different bike in the 2nd moto.

    2) 150cc 4-strokes are allowed in the 85cc classes as well as the supermini class.  

    2012 AMA Rulebook